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Intuizi can generate custom audiences at a fraction of the cost of using Facebook. Allowing you to generate highly qualified lists for your Facebook targeting.

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Instead of using Facebook’s tool to find these qualities, Intuizi can generate this audience at a fraction of the cost and there is only a small export fee to do this rather and an ongoing CPM for Facebook targeting on each impression you serve. Allowing you to generate highly qualified lists for your Facebook targeting. Plus you own the data, not Facebook so you can A/B test on other platforms

Low-cost highly accurate location and demographic data for behavioural marketing

ONLY $250 per Month Spend Required to activate audiences

Build custom audiences
(Only $0.0075/record)

Add Additional
Data sets
(Only $0.0025/record)



Financial Information
(Credit Cards)

Do they
have children?

Homeowner or a Renter?

Plus many other types of Demographic data

Now your Facebook digital Agency can add cost-effective first part consented location data that is both GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Intuizi® is an analytics engine for large enterprises. We focus primarily on the geospatial analysis of mobile phones and offer interesting insights and audiences.

There is a small monthly fee of $250 to keep your account active and for access to the platform so you can search and find all of the behavioral data for building audiences.

Once you find the data there is a one-time CPM extraction fee.

Data Extraction fee
*Location & Behavioral data - $0.0075/ID to send it to your Facebook Marketing Account
*Demographic data additional $0.0025/ID to send to your Facebook Marketing Account.

So your smaller clients will only pay for the data/audiences you extract for them each time you create a new audience.

This allows you to effectily turn off all of the Facebook custom audience targeting which saves you on the per impression targeting CPM's Facebook charges you.

We do not charge you for the impressions you run for the client. So your eCPM should drop considerably increasing your overall ROI while using Facebook

Some of our Agency clients include

You are Only Five Steps Away from Activation

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