Data, Analytics, and activation

We analyze billions of consented 1st party data points, to improve business intelligence and produce highly accurate, predictive, behavioral insights, and audiences you can activate.

Intuizi® Analytics

Imagine being able to understand how far devices travel to visit you - and/or your competition - what might this tell you about where your current locations, and your customers, exist?  Do you have the right number of locations, in the right places?  Do you have too many?  Too few?  Are you better placed, physically, than your competition?  Or might there be specific locations that you might want to consider opening, or closing, in order to maximize your revenues and profits?

What would be the right number of ads to run to devices - whether those that visit you already, or those that visit your competition - to increase footfall into your locations?  This is something that can be measured, recorded, analyzed with Intuizi - and this only scratches the surface of what’s possible.  

Imagine being to identify, understand and then communicate with devices that you deem interesting, based on their interactions with your business and your competitors - well, imagine no more - you can do that through us, at intuizi.

Intuizi® Data


Mobile and CTV generate a tremendous amount of data that can be used to identify behaviors, understand business trends, and to inform strategy.

Why Use Intuizi® Data

Intuizi® has created a platform and process that allows us to capture and ingest massive amounts of data in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner

  • Gather data via transparent and trustworthy paths
  • All data on our platform is anonymized and compliant with CCPA and GDPR requirements
  • Structure, classify and process the data to simplify analytics
  • Provide access through an intuitive, easy-to-use UI
  • Create siloed, private POI’s with your customer or prospect data
  • Ingest client data, as required, to perform additional analyses

Standard data sets include

Understanding Data at Scale

Mobile Device Data

Point of Interest Data

Real-time and Historical Location Data

App Download Data

Connected TV Data

GPS Signal Data

Census Data

Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

The combination of data, computational power, and automated analyses enables users to quickly generate insights that  inform decision-making.

Why Use Intuizi® Anayltics

Intuizi® has developed a suite of automated data mining, analytics, and reports to help clients harness the power of disparate data sets and to create actionable insights and business intelligence.  Our platform allows you to have access to data, analytics and reporting as soon as you sign up or you can download processed data to your environment to augment current data sets or models.  Either way, you will:

  • Better understand your customers
  • Learn more about your competitors
  • Inform your business, product development, pricing, and marketing strategies
  • Improve marketing effectiveness and MROI
  • Help drive growth

Standard analyses included:

Understanding Data at Scale

Competitor Peer Group Development

Business Location Planning

POI Visitation (your customers & competitor customers)


Migration Patterns

App Download

Cross-App Usage

Lifestyle Analysis

Audience Profiling

Audience Look-Alike Modeling

Intuizi® Activation


Act on insights and curate audiences then execute campaigns via seamless integration with DSP’s, Cloud Environments, and CRM tools.  

Intuizi® Activation

Intuizi® enables you to execute one-to-one, addressable marketing campaigns through integrations with more than forty-five platforms (e.g., DSP’s, CRM tools, Cloud environments).  We put you in control.

  • Curate custom audiences for marketing campaigns
  • Audiences built on our platform have 1st party consent
  • Encrypted MAID and consent validation
  • Upload your custom audience to client preferred DSP

Sample of partner integrations

Understanding Data at Scale





Verizon Media



Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

IQ Zone