The Problem

Selling a residential property is complex.  Knowing who wants to sell, and when, is critical; UK Estate Agents make their money on the sell-side.  When a 'For Sale' sign goes up in front of a home, two things happen; potential buyers will call the Agent whose name is on the sign, and neighbors start to think about selling their place too.  If it's 'no longer good enough for the Jones's around here, why don't we move'?

For Real Estate Agents, this is a key time to put a printed flyer through neighbors doors, capitalizing on the branding outside the house, to ensure that they know you're the expert in selling local property, and offering a free home valuation, filling the stock of property on their books from the top down.  In an illiquid market, this is their best opportunity to begin the sales cycle.

But posting flyers through the mail is logistically complex not environmentally friendly, likely to end up in the trash and there's no real way to track interest.

If only there was a legally-compliant, tech solution to messaging those people in properties near the ones that are For Sale - without printed media, physically visiting properties, and in a way that was sustainable, repeatable, and trackable......  

The solution? Intuizi

Clients use Intuizi to learn about the 'what, when, where and how', of users without sharing the 'who'.  We offer custom reports, white-labeled interfaces, and other game-changing intelligence tools to understand who lives near 'For Sale' properties - showing where they eat, shop, play, what their interests are, what Apps they use - and - most importantly - affording the opportunity to advertise the relevant Estate Agent via mobile phones or Connected TVs.

What is the Intuizi Platform?

The Intuizi Platform processes mobile and other data and returns results that will dramatically improve your understanding of your business. Our platform is easy to plug-in to, inexpensive to use, and provides invaluable information that will improve your business.

What can I see using Intuizi that I cannot see on my own?

*Do you have a way to find mobile devices whose owners live in properties near to the ones you are selling?

*Do you have a way to understand the migratory patterns of those devices, to understand where they work, how much they travel, and even, potentially, how long they have resided in the local area?    

*What about whether or not they have been into your competitor's offices or installed property apps on their devices?

The Intuizi platform can help with all this and more - you can use the platform to find relevant handsets, understand the behaviors of those who own them and reach the ones you are interested in with highly relevant, targeted advertising.

If you want to find handsets belonging to people who live near properties that you are selling - or even those near to the properties being sold by your competitors, that's something you can do through our platform.

Who does Intuizi compete with?

There is no one company that stitches together all of the elements that the Intuizi platform covers.  Some companies provide a few such elements, such as campaign reporting; audience targeting; location; contextual understanding - however, only Intuizi synthesizes all of these and more in one cost-effective solution.

Will use of Intuizi save me money?

Yes.  You will gain tremendous insight into your current or potential customers, to better understand how to retain your existing customers or find new customers with better-targeted advertising dramatically improving the effectiveness of marketing investment.

Does Intuizi comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable privacy laws?

Yes.  Intuizi does not buy, sell, or receive any Personal Information (CCPA) or collect any Personal Data (GDPR).  All data that could be used to identify a particular user is 'de-identified' or 'pseudonymized' before it is received by the platform.  Only the source of the data can 're-identify' or un-pseudonymize their data.

If an advertiser would like to target a specific device, Intuizi connects the advertiser with the consent owner who directly transacts with each other using tools provided in our platform in accordance with all privacy laws.

How can you find out more?

Get in touch with us via email or through our site to arrange a quick demo - and you could be using the Intuizi platform to revolutionize your business, soon.

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