In this digital era, mobile advertising has become important for the development and expansion of business and market by becoming the way of communication with customers. It provides a more convenient and effective method of communicating with customers or new audiences. Marketers are now contacting individuals based on their interests and needs. They can research to determine what services or products clients are looking for and then notify them based on their findings. Interactive mobile advertising is the primary mode of advertising by being top among the other categories such as TV, desktop, radio, etc. It is estimated that by the year 2022 mobile advertising will be sharing about 50% of total ad spend as it is already the largest ad spending market of 2021. According to Datareportal, there are about 5.22 billion current mobile users in the world, and internet use is constantly increasing among phone users, allowing you to interact with new audiences, reach customers conveniently and instantly in a cost-effective way.

Mobile advertising, unlike other kinds of advertising, is extremely advantageous due to its greater accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and, most significantly personalization. With all of these mobile advertising advantages, it is unquestionably here to stay and will continue to control the world of digital marketing. Following are some of the mobile advertising benefits that make it the most important advertising mode.


Mobile advertising is much less costly than traditional forms of advertising methods. There are many various kinds of mobile media that you may use to engage with your business at a cheap rate. Mobile advertising is extremely cost-effective because it has proven that phone-based CPCs (counts per click) cost 24% less than other clicks. In addition to this, mobile ads have 40% more CTRs (click-through-rate). This explains the opportunity that cellphone advertisements provide to reach the target at the right place at right time at a lower cost. There is no doubt that mobile advertisements costs are just fractions when compared with advertising through TV, billboards, etc.


There is no doubt that mobile users don't go anywhere without their phones. Datareportal has shown that people spend straight 4 hours on mobile devices every day. Mobile devices constitute about 56.7% of the web traffic and the numbers are rising. This accessibility plays a vital role in the success of mobile advertising which allows reaching the audience and customers anytime anywhere making it the fastest way to communicate with consumers. Immediate access to such large number audience is one the main benefits of mobile marketing advertising.


Study shows about 90% of consumers can recall mobile advertisements even seeing a week before. The recall rate for in-app advertisements is 86% with 11% impressions and 8% visits on the website because of the mobile ads. As the target audience is always near the devices making the smart phone ads responsive and quick as compared to other devices. The interactive features of the phone enable the implementation of direct response of the user.


Every advertisement content is designed to interact with the audience and the responses related to it can be tracked easily. The digital advertising effectiveness shows us what's working with ads and what's not so that we can adjust engage with a target audience. These campaigns with instant tracking options can help you in creating productive mobile ads. Consumer information such as shopping habits, preferences, history, behavior, and location are the common details that can be segregated easily through the phone. IP addresses and cookies can be used to track consumer information. However, information obtained on a desktop or laptop computer may not be as accurate. This is due to the possibility of several people accessing the same data. Mobile devices, on the other hand, are unique to each consumer. As a result, the data generated by mobile devices is thought to be more accurate.

Technologies such as location-based advertising, interactive mobile advertising, proximity targeting, and other similar techniques may be used with this data to create ads; that are entirely personalized and highly relevant to the target needs.


Marin software report has shown that mobile has the highest click-through rate for display, search, and social media when compared to tablets and desktops. CTR is the most crucial pre-click parameter for marketers since it is used to determine the success of an ad campaign as well as the amount of money that will be spent on it. CTRs of mobile, tablet, and desktop are compared to display, social media.

• Smartphones had a CTR of 3.72 percent, tablets had a CTR of 2.35 percent, and desktop computers had a CTR of 2.02 percent.

• Display: Smartphones have a CTR of.60%, compared to.43% for tablets and.26% for desktops.

• Social: The CTR on smartphones was 1.14 percent, whilst the CTR on the desktop was only.73 percent.


How effective is mobile advertising? In comparison to PCs and tablets, smartphone impressions, clicks, expenditure, and conversions grew the highest YoY. In all of these measurements, desktops and tablets witnessed decreases, however, smartphones show increases ranging from 8% to 13%. In comparison to computers and tablets, smartphones drove the biggest percentage of conversions at 60%. On media, Mobile experienced year-over-year improvements in impressions, clicks, expenditure, and conversions. In every statistic, desktop/tablet witnessed a year-over-year reduction.


Mobile ads are versatile and highly attractive that come with compelling formats and interactive content. Customers are more likely to remember an ad and the brand when they can engage with it. Mobile ads deliver high-quality advertisements, with more appealing visuals or graphics. They aim on offering customers greater and more interesting information by mixing targeted advertising with captivating forms. Marketers may use this to boost the engagement time with the brand of product. This unique and engaging aspect of interactive mobile advertising serves as a link between the advertiser's offers and the demands of the customers.


Geotargeting is one of advantages of mobile advertising that increases the digital advertising effectiveness. With help of geotargeting, you can interact with an audience which more likely to engage in advertisements increasing the chances of conversion rate. Advertisers may use this advantage to deliver time-specific and location-specific communications, such as event announcements or discount alerts, with little to no delay. You may also contact your target clients at the right moment with location-specific communications.

For more information on Mobile aadvertising spec please check out the Intuizi Media Specs

Or to see the IAB Standards for mobile advertising Standards (IAB Standards)

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