How to Lower your Facebook Custom Audience Targeting Cost

Let’s Face it Facebook marketing works when you have the right target audience, but to drill down to those custom audiences it costs a lot to use the Facebook targeting platform, the more targeted the higher the cost.

To get the best hyper-targeted audience or demographic you will need to pay Facebook a higher cost (CPM) for serving each ad, effectively lowering your return on investment.

What if there was a way to get all the benefits of hyper-targeting without having to pay Facebook the extra CPM fee for the custom audience?

Well, there is NOW!

Intuizi helps you generate a custom audience at a fraction of the cost of leveraging Facebook’s custom audiences.

At Intuizi, we help you generate highly qualified custom audiences for your Facebook campaigns with just a minimal export fee instead of an ongoing CPM for audience targeting that Facebook charges on each impression you serve.

We’ll design a highly effective custom audience based on consumer behavior and visitation patterns over time. You then can import into Facebook and target your campaign.

 Our list is super accurate and qualified to make sure that you reach, engage and convert your target audience into the action you are looking for.

You Own the Data not Facebook!

As an added bonus you own the data instead of Facebook and can perform A/B testing on other social media platforms.

Let’s make your voice heard loudly by reaching your customers with highly accurate location, behavioral and demographic data at fraction of the cost of Facebook.

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