Geofencing marketing 

Geofencing marketing is a type of location-based marketing that allows the advertiser to connect with smartphone users in a specific geographic area, such as a store, through mobile apps, or mobile web pages. With geofencing marketing,  you can reach your audience in new ways, boosting your profits to record levels. Because Geofencing relies on location, this advertising technique is specific to the user, meaning it prioritizes advertising to those that are most likely to engage. While at first this new concept can be intimidating, the process is seamless:

  • The company creates a geofence in a marked area and sets an ad campaign for the geofence.
  • Once a user steps into the geofence, they are automatically added to the company’s  audience.

Finally, the company can begin delivering ads to that user via app ads, notifications or search and display ads.

Geofencing advertising can be effective for up to 30 days from the moment the user steps into a company’s marked geofence, boosting profits and lengthening interaction with a user.

Geofencing is flexible, allowing for the company to choose when ads appear to those who have entered the geofence. If foot traffic is higher in the afternoons, companies can choose to boost advertisements at that time, maximizing profits and effectiveness of your ads.

Why Geofencing Marketing?

  • Optimize your Data and Analytics:
  • Geofencing Marketing runs on data, giving your marketing team or provider access to the information they need for future campaigns.
  • Measurable factors include; Conversion Zone visits and Ad impressions or views.
  • Raise Effectiveness and Build User Loyalty:

It costs 10 times more to earn a new customer rather than retain an existing customer. With Geofencing Marketing, it becomes easier to build and maintain that loyalty

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