ORLANDO, Fla., December 1, 2021 (Newswire) - OnAudience and Intuizi announce a solution to help brands create Cohorts of real-world activities. These Cohorts can now be used for machine learning modeling, business intelligence, footfall tracking, and ad segmentation while maintaining full compliance with all local privacy laws. Partners of both businesses can benefit from this collaboration, enabling the creation of complex, bespoke audience cohorts.

By leveraging advanced data collisions, Intuizi is able to process high-quality data controlled by OnAudience and processed in compliance with data privacy laws, synthesizing such data with Point of Interest or aggregated demographic data using Intuizi's High-Performance Compute network. This enables both parties to uncover geo-qualified audience segments based on attributes defined in the datasets.

These attributes can vary by client use case; customers can, for example, identify cohorts that can be mapped. Customers can refine these cohorts by colliding against other datasets, such as e-commerce or app history.

Thus, OnAudience has opened a new channel to distribute and monetize data; Intuizi's customers can model complex audiences, create high-value business intelligence, track footfall and create precise geo-targeted ad segments processed in compliance with GDPR; and audiences are better served with products, ads, and services that are more relevant according to their own behaviors.

Maciej Sawa, CEO of OnAudience, commented: 'Through our partnership with Intuizi, we enable their customers on their platform to query our data, identify cohorts that are relevant to them, and then request to utilize that data. We, therefore, gain incremental revenue from new customers.

Ron Donaire, CEO Intuizi, added, 'OnAudience data breadth enhances our offering by providing fuel to our advanced analytics engine. Their willingness to pioneer novel integrations to protect user privacy and provide value to customers is the definition of innovation. The data allows us to provide value to our customers through a win-win scenario for OnAudience.'

About Intuizi

Intuizi, Inc. was founded in 2019 by experienced marketing and technology professionals to build an easy-to-use subscription software solution and High-Performance Compute Network that could be used to improve media campaigns, could improve an enterprise's understanding of its customers and potential customers, and significantly improve the financial returns on customer acquisition and lifetime value.

To learn more, visit https://www.intuizi.com

Press Contact.
J Pescatello

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