Technology has transformed marketing strategies. The location has become essential for every type of business because it provides precise insights about customers' behavior and helps make more personalized offers. Location data may be used by marketing organizations to target clients based on their proximity to a business, forthcoming events in their region, and other factors. It can identify critical connections between geography and customer experiences, products, and services. Essential questions like 'where are my most valued customers?' may be answered with location intelligence.

Location intelligence can identify clusters and patterns of behaviors, forecast outcomes, and give a foundation for more intelligent business decisions based on location data. When it comes to gaining essential business insights, spatial analysis and visualization using maps typically cut to the chase.

The highest-quality mobile location datasets are collected by location data providers using vital signal tracking and AI technologies. In real-time, they can provide aggregated, privacy-compliant analytics. Marketers may then develop location-based marketing with which their customers are more likely to engage, culminating in that all-important in-store purchase. Marketers are reaching customers in ways we've never seen before in the real world. A large number of businesses tracing foot traffic patterns through location. They're establishing mobile based advertising strategies that are specifically targeted. Data providers are helping marketers in making business decisions and keeping up with new information in market by looking into customer mobility patterns. In the background, marketers rely heavily on location data providers to offer them the most precise and up-to-date statistics.

Location data providers empower most mobile targeting tactics used by brand marketers today. Over the next two years, about 80 % of marketers expecting to maximize the use of location data, with location-based advertising spending estimated to reach $38.7 billion in the United States alone by 2022.

Location data platforms and companies are providing meaningful real-time insights. They utilize numerous tools for audience activation and data aggregation, such as audience activation tools, location data, and measuring foot traffic data. Only trusted and quality data (good data) can be a game changer for the marketing, below mentioned are some of the most trusted data location data platforms.


Intuizi is among the leading location data providing platform with expertise in marketing analytics, data aggregation, audience activation intelligence tools and loyaty enhancement.  Hundreds of millions of people use their phones to interact with apps billions of times every day, generating a tremendous quantity of data. Intuizi assist brands with legally finding, comprehending, and acting on data to improve their company business outcomes. Empowering marketing with the most accurate and quality data, providing insights about audience behaviour with personalized targeting with a patent-pending legal process.


Foursquare is one of the most renowned companies in location data advertising for marketers. Now offers advertisers and developers with its technology and location data platform. Marketers can understand the influence of their media and find new audiences to approach with relevant advertising using Foursquare's location data. Foursquare is also providing Pilgrim SDK and Places API, to empower location detection and real-time location data extraction from apps and websites.


Businesses may use PlaceIQ to interact with digital audiences by leveraging location-based analytics. Advertising, measurement, analytics, and DaaS are the four critical areas in which the company's offerings reside. PlaceIQ uses mapping and location data to enable such solutions, which the firm integrates better to comprehend the world through location intelligence. PlaceIQ's goal is to widen its data by integrating the depth and quality of background data from huge data sources. PlaceIQ have a filtering system used to filter location data from mobile devices.


Factual attracts marketers and technology firms because of its mobile marketing, product development and analytics innovations. Factual's location data is largely used by marketers to help them create extremely targeted audiences and track the efficacy of the campaigns. Factual's data resource comprises over 3 billion references from over 100,000 different sources. Location data for marketing, mobile marketing and for data science is also provided by Factual.


GroundTruth, a location data platform, allows companies to understand their customers better, make smart forecasting choices, and enhance store traffic and revenue. All of these solutions are based on location data intelligence. GroundTruth claims to have a network ten times larger than its closest rival, as well as quality data that has been fact checked. GroundTruth's location data is used by marketers for location and audience targeting. They might also employ GroundTruth's data services to obtain consumer location data based on real-time activities.


Cuebiq claims to have one of the largest and most accurate databases of anonymized location data on the market. The company's location intelligence platform provides access to the data. Cuebiq help the users target audience by utilizing consumer’s offline habits and their purchase history, Cuebiq works with various clients, including financial services providing organizations, brands, agencies, and businesses.


Skyhook is one of the location data providing platforms for marketers and businesses. Skyhook claims that its clients may make better intelligent, data-driven decisions using location-based technologies, services, and data insights. Skyhook is providing location intelligence services to financial service providing organization, retail, mid-size businesses and real estate. The company uses precision and Location based technology that utilizes Wi-Fi, GNSS, and cell signals to locate devices. It's especially beneficial for asset monitoring, wearables, linked autos, and point-of-sale devices because of this.

Location Smart

LocationSmart uses APIs and Cloud Location Services to deliver location data. LocationSmart's data service covers 15 billion devices and 160 million cell towers worldwide. Location-based marketing methods such as geofencing and in-app messaging benefit from the company's mobile location data.


StartApp is a company that provides mobile location data. Over a billion mobile device users are included in StartApp's data offering. Over 400,000 app publishers already use StartApp's location data SDK to deliver location-based outreach via pop-ups and in-app messages.


UberMedia delivers raw location data on mobile audiences. The organization gathers and aggregates its location data, and it has a history of over six years. Marketers can run location-based ads worldwide using UberMedia's collection of 14 trillion locations.

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