Intuizi closes oversubscribed seed round

In the past six months Intuizi has grown its customer base by over five hundred percent and we are now processing ten times more anonymous Signals per day than we were at the beginning of the year.  We decided to bring in outside investors for the first time to help us finance our growth and are happy to report that we recently closed the round with more funds than we originally sought.  Our new investors are successful marketing, blockchain, rental equipment, and high-performance engineering executives and entrepreneurs and we look forward to building Intuizi with them.


"We are extremely excited by the growth we have been able to achieve and by all the new customers that find our service valuable and are very proud that our new investors share our vision for the future," said Intuizi CEO Ron Donaire. "This first round of outside funding will allow Intuizi to accelerate our ability to add new clients to our market-leading platform.”


Intuizi currently processes quadrillions (twelve zeros) of calculations per day finding previously unknown data intersections and insights on behalf of our customers.  We are using the funds from our Seed Round to increase the size of our sales and engineering teams and to increase the size and speed of our distributed high performance computing platform as we chase the ability to perform a quintillion (fifteen zeros) calculations per day. 



Intuizi Continues to Grow

Key Metrics

Public View - POI’s Available = 1,367,652

Public View - Brands Available = 1003

High Performance Computing (HPC) Growth = 125% Growth

Monthly Signals Processed = + 80 Billion

New Demographic Data > 250M HH

10.8 Quadrillion Geo-Spatial Calculations per day

258 Trillion Ethereum Hashes per Day




The Farmers Cow Cafe’ & Creamery is a small brand with a big challenge


To fuel the growth and expansion of this New England-based, fast-casual, farm-to-table concept, they needed accurate trading area customer data. 


Specifically, they needed to identify & reach all of their geo-qualified customers ONLY: a complete data set of “Who” their current & potential customers are, without waste. With this critical PII-compliant data set, they could execute; to build same-store sales and quantify new, high-potential trading areas for expansion.  



  1. We ingested their CRM data and mapped behavior patterns over time and quantified visitation frequency with distance driven to the store. This created a baseline profile for their highest loyalty guests, for additional data science modelling and future applications.
  2. We benchmarked store traffic to competitors in the same trading area, during the same time period. This ranked their top competitors based on shared customers, for each trading area.
  3. We identified & quantified the current geo-qualified universe of active mobile devices (consumers) within the trading area. This created the audiences for testing targeted digital campaigns.
  4. We executed video-only and digital-only test campaigns to their identified audience through our DSP partners.
  5. We created custom points of interest (POIs) for future potential store locations, quantifying customer traffic patterns for the site and for existing competitors within the same trading area.


  1. During the digital video campaign, baseline traffic was 49% higher than the seasonal projection, driving 43% higher gross sales than projection.
  2. Two high-potential sites were re-prioritized for lease negotiation/ expansion based on Intuizi’s traffic density/pattern analysis.

Intuizi’s relationship with the FCCC team has grown stronger. Our data and insights have proven to be critical to better business decisions, allowing for quicker growth and improved ROI. 


We look forward to a long and productive relationship as we grow together in the future. 



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"We are extremely excited by the growth we have been able to achieve and by all the new customers that find our service valuable and are very proud that our new investors share our vision for the future," said Intuizi CEO Ron Donaire. 

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