Intuizi for Data Streamers - How Do We Help You?

Why should you read this?

Do have first-party data that helps fuel your business?

Does the insight you derive from that data drive your revenues, products, or strategies at a national - or local - level?

Do you ever wonder how much more effective your business could be if only there were multiple additional data sets that could be attached to each customer record, (in a legally compliant manner)?

If you answered 'yes' to at least two of those - Intuizi may be for you.  

How can Intuizi help?

Customers work with Intuizi to enrich their existing datasets - learning more about the 'What, when, where and how' of their existing customers without sharing the 'who'.  Our 'Data as a Service' business enables you to pseudonymize/de-identify and encrypt your existing 1st-party consented datasets, 'wash' them through our platform for us to process - we augment that data with (anonymous sources of ) data from trusted third parties, and either push that enriched data back into your platforms, or enable you to view them in our - in full GDPR and CCPA compliance.  

What makes this whole thing possible?

We work with owners of consented first-party data ('Signal Providers') who encrypt that data, strip it of all PII, and push that into our platform.   You - as a 'Signal Viewer' can then query that data however you want - in our platform or yours - slicing it however you find interesting, to find matches or differences between disparate datasets for privacy-compliant data-informed ad-targeting nirvana.  You can even add your/your clients own data too (for your sole usage).

What do we enable you to discover?

We enhance your data by adding detailed migration pattern analysis to each (encrypted) device id.  This enables you to find out, for instance, if your customers are more likely to visit McDonalds versus Burger King, and/or how often they go to either.  Do they prefer the gym in the morning, or the afternoon (or do they sacrifice either for another burger)?  What competitors of your are near to where they live, and how far do visitors to those places travel versus visitors to you?  

We have over 850,000 Points of interest mapped into our platform.  Do they visit you frequently, but your competitor more often?  If so, when, where, which one?

What about app download history?  What might that tell you about your customers, in terms of their interatction with you, your competitors, your product set, or theirs?  Think you knew them well, before, from the data you already gleaned?  Imagine how much more you can glean just from location analysis - and that's not all........  

Want to understand what else is going on in the household?  We can help you understand other devices in the same residence, to give you a better picture of what else is going on there - perhaps your customer is the buyer, but knowing that the other members of the household go to places a, b or c will influence purchase decisions and product sets?  

How about adding CTV viewership into the mix - or app download behaviour?  

Who does Intuizi compete with?

There is no company that stitches together all of the elements that the Intuizi platform covers.  A few companies provide some of these, such as campaign reporting, audience targeting, location, and contextual understanding services - but only Intuizi synthesizes all of these and more in one cost-effective solution.

Does Intuizi comply with all applicable privacy laws?

Yes.  Intuizi does not buy, sell, or receive any Personal Information (CCPA) or collect any Personal Data (GDPR).  All data that could be used to identify a particular user is 'de-identified' or 'pseudonymized' before it is received by the platform.  Only the source of the data can 're-identify' or un-pseudonymize their data.

If an advertiser would like to target a specific user, Intuizi connects the advertiser with the consent owner who directly transact with each other using tools provided in our platform in accordance with all privacy laws.

How do i get started?

Get in touch - we can work out with you the best way for you to engage with us, what you need and how we can facilitate that, as well as what the price would be.

We're here to help as a data streaming customer, you get our data in your platform

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