Business Strategy

Mobile and CTV generate a tremendous amount of data that can be used to identify behaviors, understand business trends, and to inform strategy.

Business Strategy with Intuizi®

Do you know how far your customers travel to visit you?  How does that differ from your competition?  What might this tell you about where you should open your next location?  Wouldn’t you benefit by being better able to plan your business, by putting real-world data decisioning at the heart of your business strategy?

How about your loyalty app users?  You know what they do with you - but do you have any idea what they do with your competitors?  Wouldn’t it be insightful to understand where else they shop, and how frequently, how far they travel to visit your competitors, or how many times they do to locations which stock product ranges slightly different to yours?  Wouldn’t that help you to tweak your product ranges, locations or the way you understand (and therefore communicate with and cater to) your existing/target consumers?

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